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Going back to Web roots

submitted on 2023-01-24

For several reasons I have been busy doing some Web development with Node.js, which kind of reminded me of my roots how I started into Web development.

Back when I had the pleasure to join Intervento a couple of decades ago, the company was using Tcl for our application server. Built on top of a mix of Apache and IIS plugins, with the Tcl interpreter and plenty of extensions written in C.

Now writing JavaScript instead of Tcl, for Web development, while having the ability to write extensions, in a mix of native languages or WASM based ones, it kind of feels a bit like time traveling.

The main difference being that thanks to Node.js's advanced JIT, the need to write native extensions isn't as big as it used to be in Tcl's case.

It is so ironic how many ideas keep being rebooted all the time.