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Lots of nice C++ stuff

submitted on 2012-06-03

If you are a bit bored on the weekend and feel like picking up speed about C++11, C++ on Windows 8, or latest C++ freebies from Facebook, then there are lots of cool stuff to read about.

The C++Now! 2012, former BoostCon, slides are now available. Video presentations will follow. If you can read German, there is a nice overview of the conference at heise.

Microsoft has also made available the videos from the Developing Windows 8 Metro style apps with C++ conference. Regardless of your position on Microsoft's latest moves in regard to Metro, C11, C++/CX and Express editions, this videos are quite interesting to watch, and Metro is here to stay no matter what. So the best way is to improve a bit our knowledge about it.

Facebook has released a new C++ library named Folly. Just have a look at it as it is full of nice stuff.