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No Go for Go!

submitted on 2010-08-01

I have been playing around with the latest programming language, whose development is sponsorend by Google, Go.

The language is a nice evolution from C, and might be able to replace it as the next language to use for systems programming. It provides some nice concepts to help developing multicore applications, like message channels and go routines. It is also a type safe language, with garbage collection, type inference and interface programming.

But I am not sure that the language is going to get widespread use if their developers don't provide features that we have got used to have available in other languages.

I speak namely of enumerations, generics, dynamic linking, dynamic loading and exceptions.

Most of the Go users seem to be against having these features available in Go, with the argument that they would render the language too complex.

I think that without supporting what every mainstream language already provides, Go will be just another language. Unless due to Google's influence it happens to get a broad userbase.

Me personally I will follow every now and then how the language evolves, but I think my time is better spent with F#/Scala/Haskell.